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Tiny Habits ®
Tiny Habits logo with tagline: The Small Changes That Change Everything, with Think Human

When it comes to change, tiny is mighty!

Think Human is delighted to offer this simple, fun and powerful habit design method to individuals, businesses, government and the not-for-profit sector. Drawing on the experience of Mel Lambert, Think Human founder and certified Tiny Habits® coach, we can support you to effectively implement change and set positive habits and behaviours in your business culture, practices and services.

There are many ways you or your organisation can use Tiny Habits®. It can be a stand alone offering (such as in the 3 examples below), or incorporated into something else (such as a team day).

Tiny Habits® for teams


We will work with you and your team to identify the most effective habits to build a positive culture and effective workplace.

Tiny Habits® for transitions


Change is challenging! We will work with you to understand the change and transition you are facing and design behaviours and habits to maximise success.

Tiny Habits® tailored


Talk to us about your particular needs so we can tailor an offering to suit, from a 30 minute lunchtime introduction to a multi-day coaching and support package.

Certified Tiny Habits Coach badge

Mel Lambert is a certified Tiny Habits coach, a proven methodology from behavioural scientist BJ Fogg to create lasting behavioural change. Think Human can provide Tiny Habits coaching and workshops for both individuals and groups.

"The Tiny Habits approach has allowed me to design a couple of new habits that are aimed at improving my core strength and balance. Twelve months on, the habits have become a natural and normal part of my day. They are now automatic and self sustaining, a natural part of me."

Whether you have an idea of how to use it or simply intrigued by Tiny Habits®, we'd love to hear from you.

Mindset for Life
Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 2.40.48 PM_edi

"Mindset for Life gave me opportunity to listen to peer experiences, gain ideas and simple tools to not only think about the questions arising for me but take action. I have subsequently opened up to the possibility of freelancing life and I am now taking up opportunities as they come along. This freedom to define my own future has gifted me with many benefits from part time work to travel. I highly recommend Mindset for Life because it’s not just the usual financial management stuff rather making the future you want."

Mindset for Life can be run by businesses for their older staff or by local agencies such as councils for older residents.  Think Human can work with you to tailor the program to your context or can run one of three core models offered:

‘Retirement’ describes what you are no longer doing, not what will define and shape your life after leaving the workforce.  Mindset for Life focuses on building a mindset and drawing on a lifelong skillset to grow and develop well beyond the end of a working life.

Think Human is committed to supporting people and organisations to navigate transitions well. Mindset for Life is a personal development program for people navigating retirement to reflect on their strengths and skills and positively plan a productive and meaningful future. 


Co-designed by Think Human, The Australian Centre for Social Innovation, The City of Port Adelaide Enfield and older people themselves, the program uses a peer model to help people design a successful retirement and to plan the next phase of their lives. At its core are personal reflection and peer conversations. On completion, participants will have a greater sense of their own skills, abilities and priorities, a renewed vision of their future, some achievable behaviours and habits to get them moving in their chosen direction and a peer group of like-minded motivators!

In 2022 the program was a Finalist in the Tackling Ageism Community Achievement Award.​

Core Program

3 x 3 hour sessions

Co-delivered by Think Human staff and peer convenors (who have navigated a transition out of work)

Lite Program

1 x 3-4 hour session

Drawing on key program content to cover the essentials of planning for and navigating a transition out of work

Taster Session

1 x 90 minute session

Introduces the concept of planning for the non-financial aspects of transitioning out of work​

The complete Mindset for Life model, including resources, checklists and guidance material to Plan, Deliver and Measure impact, are available free of charge.

Life Navigation Lab

"Thank you so much for creating this opportunity and space for us to connect and share experiences and learnings. I've certainly appreciated being part of the group and look forward to continuing the connection."

Life Navigation Lab is Think Human's life and career transition space, where we offer a range of services to support and connect people during significant life and career transitions.

Life Navigation Lab draws on contemporary understandings of growth mindset, neuroplasticity and transition theory to help people prepare for and plan their next big life or career transition. We can offer group sessions in workplaces to support teams navigating change and transition, small peer group sessions or one-to-one coaching.  To find out more, get in touch.




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