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Think Human is committed to supporting people and organisations to navigate transitions well. Mindset for Life is a personal development program for people navigating retirement to reflect on their strengths and skills and positively plan a productive and meaningful future. 


Co-designed by Think Human, The Australian Centre for Social Innovation, The City of Port Adelaide Enfield and older people themselves, the program uses a peer model to help people design a successful retirement and to plan the next phase of their lives. At its core are personal reflection and peer conversations. On completion, participants will have a greater sense of their own skills, abilities and priorities, a renewed vision of their future, some achievable behaviours and habits to get them moving in their chosen direction and a peer group of like-minded motivators!

Mindset for Life can be run by businesses for their older staff or by local agencies such as councils for older residents.  Think Human can offer a range of support packages to help agencies to embed the program as required. 

The complete Mindset for Life model, including resources, checklists and guidance material to Plan, Deliver and Measure impact, are available free of charge. 


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