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Think Leadership Training & Development 

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Behaviours and Habits for Effective Leadership

Getting the best out of teams is a key skill of leaders and understanding what motivates and drives individual team members is a key tool in your leadership kitbag.


This session turns what you think you know about motivation on its head and opens up the world of habit and behaviour design. Based on the work of Dr BJ Fogg from Stanford University’s Behaviour Design Lab, our certified coaches will walk your leaders through some simple frameworks to help them address underperformance with individual staff in non-confrontational ways and identify safe, easy and fun habits and behaviours for teams that reinforce your organisational values.

Mel Lambert presenting in front of butchers paper with sticky notes on it

Navigating change and transition in the workplace

Building on six years' experience co-designing and delivering our award-winning transition program Mindset for Life, this session focuses on the skills required to lead teams through change and transition. We unpack the impact of change and transition on individuals and teams, and share tools and resources to help you lead yourself and others in uncertainty.  

People standing up in a workshop writing on butchers paper

Leadership for Co-Design

There is an increasing desire within the public sector and not-for-profit sectors in Australia to co-design systems, process and services where possible with consumer and community input. Whilst co-design is a valuable and deeply worthwhile approach to service and system design, it is also resource and time-intensive and often misunderstood.


This workshop draws on Think Human’s extensive case studies to explore the principles of co-design and will enable leaders to assess readiness for co-design, understand key skills and resources required and identify alternatives and options that lead to outcomes.

Successful Work Team

Storytelling for change

The human race has been telling stories to make meaning of experience since time began. Drawing on narrative storytelling techniques this session will help you understand the basic principles of effective storytelling and will use aspect of your own story and experience to learn experientially the power of stories to create connection and positive change.

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