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Bringing together strategy, dialogue and design to create  more human experiences & more effective organisations

Human-centred, Future-focused

Think Human was born in 2016 (originally as Mel Lambert Consulting) out of a vision to bridge the divide between what human services aspire to do and how they actually operate. We rarely have a blank canvas when it comes to developing services and systems. Nor do we always have the time or the skill-sets to think differently about what we do everyday in human-facing systems. That’s why we use the word ‘redesign’ to capture the value we offer.


The hardest work is not to imagine something new, but to translate what we already do day to day into something that can create breakthrough change for individuals and communities. We start, always, by ‘thinking human’.

“Think Human is easy to deal with, responds quickly, and is flexible to your needs.


Mel is energetic and engaging. Our customers find her easy to work with, which results in positive outcomes for us and our stakeholders.” 


—  Alex Lewis | Customer Consultation Lead

Mel Lambert pointing at some butchers paper in a workshop setting

Our Services

We offer a range of services to help organisations, government agencies and businesses to deliver better services to their customers and communities, whilst building happier and more connected workplaces. All our services are based on best emerging practice and tailored to your needs. 'Off-the-shelf' is not our style!

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Our Programs

We offer a number of programs to complement our service offerings, that focus specifically on navigating key life transitions and designing positive habits. These can be tailored to suit organisational or community settings.

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Our People...

thinking human in all we do

Mel Lambert

Facilitating redesign and leading change

Head shot of Mel Lambert

Mel Lambert is our founder. Think Human was created out of her desire to help organisations and government agencies genuinely put people at the centre: to 'think human' in all that they do, from strategy development to service design.


Mel had 20 years experience working in the not-for-profit and government sectors in Australia and the UK where she held development and innovation leadership roles prior to setting up her own business in 2016. She is a qualified Prosci® and Tiny Habits® practitioner and an experienced facilitator, public participation practitioner, co-designer and strategist.

In her spare time Mel co-hosts Tenx9, a storytelling event in Adelaide.

Paul Lambert

Digital health leadership and design

Paul is an experienced health-care leader with more than 25 years experience in health care in Australia and the United Kingdom. With extensive skills in leadership, negotiation and strategic planning, developed in major infrastructure and operational roles in public health, Paul joined the team at Think Human in 2022 to build on his strong consumer focus.


A builder and a collaborator, Paul delivers outcomes in digital health, co-design and health leadership.


In his spare time Paul can be found nurturing baby trees for Trees for Life.

Head shot of Paul Lambert

Kelly McLean

Magnifying stories of lived experience

Head shot of Kelly McLean

Kelly is a massive supporter of a person-centred, "nothing about us, without us" approach. Think Human is an opportunity for her to apply her lived experience of life long disability to improve things for others. Her 11 years working in the not-for-profit disability sector has provided her with exposure to clients of different ages, cultures, experiences and challenges.

With a BA in Library and Information Management, Kelly brings research, analytical and data management skills. Her Certificate 4 in Disability Work and Diploma in Youth Work, have grown her passion for public engagement, community service, and empowering others to achieve their goals.

Doting Chihuahua Mum, crafter, try-hard gardener, energized by connecting with others. 

...and our Associates

building a team to meet your needs

Dana Shen

Creating mindful change

Dana Shen.jpg

Dana Shen is the Director of DS Consultancy. DS Consultancy specialises in working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and communities, social services and those with lived experience to create change and improve services.

Dana also provides a range of programs that cover meditation practices for working with the mind, body, thoughts and emotions and how these techniques can be integrated into daily life. In all programs there is a focus on self-care and practical approaches that are offered for people who live busy lives and want to find space for rest.

Jackie Sincock

Forming alliances for mutual benefit

coming soon

Inscape Alliance

Scott Nell

A brain-based approach to leadership

MicrosoftTeams-image (1)_edited.png

Scott Nell runs Headquarter Consulting to design and deliver engaging programs based on people's own 'Headquarters' - the human brain. 

He specialises in the application of emotional intelligence to business strategy, leadership capability, culture and the well being of organisations.

Headquarter Consulting

Kate Wylie

Addressing complexity in healthcare

Kate Wylie is an experienced clinician having worked in both primary care and Hospital based systems . Working across many small and large scale projects including digital health implementations she has worked on service improvement, systems thinking, process redesign, and end user adoption. Kate also has experience in creating and promoting company vision and strategy, designing new operational workflows, and developing a high performing team.

The complexity and the challenges of the healthcare system are what Kate loves about working in the healthcare industry. Kate is known for being highly engaged, curious and purpose driven. She is a natural connector of people and strives to be the leader she would like to work for.

Kate Wylie Profile_edited.jpg

Lyn Flaherty

Exploring perspectives to facilitate change

Head shot of Lyn Flaherty

Lyn Flaherty joined Think Human as a Consultant in 2020 to pursue her belief in the importance of lived experience and to focus on listening to and acting on the voice of customers to drive organisational change to improve customer experience.

Lyn has held both national and state-based senior marketing and customer research management roles  within the corporate and not-for-profit sectors.  She is a qualified Prosci® and IAP2 practitioner and is an experienced project manager, researcher, community engagement facilitator, co-designer and analyst. Lyn moved into an Associate role in 2022 to focus on her Master of Social Work studies.

Our Principles


We are passionately human-centred and collaborative. We are committed to working with you, not just for you.


We are fiercely optimistic when it comes to change. We believe any situation can be improved when the right people are at the table with equitable access to decision-making.

Human connection

We believe real human connection makes everything work better - communities, organisations and systems.


We aim to bring a spirit of hospitality to everything we do, recognising the difference and uniqueness of all people. We acknowledge that this can sometimes be hard.

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