Bringing together strategy, dialogue and design to create  more human experiences & more productive organisations

What we do

We help organisations, businesses & industries to be genuinely human-centred and collaborative, to deliver the best possible outcomes for the people they work with and to be the best they can be as they do it. We help organisations & individuals navigate transitions, we identify opportunities for collaboration and we work with you to create the conditions for change to stick. We'd love to chat with you about how we can help your organisation to think human.  


Developing organisational strategy with the Board of a 'for purpose' agency


Inspiring your people to create positive impact

We use a range of analytical frameworks and dialogue-based approaches to help you articulate and implement strategy to set a direction that is both more productive and more humane, delivering increased value to your customers and creating a better experience for your staff. 


Synthesising customer research and developing insights with a client

Developing personas with a client to describe differing customer priorities and needs at key points in their journey & differentiate offerings


Helping you uncover actionable insights to get to know your customers better 

We use human-centred design methodologies to help you create systems and build staff capability to connect with and listen to the customer voice and integrate this into your decision-making and business planning. We can help you identify new markets and undertake qualitative research and data analysis to deeply understand new and emerging customer priorities and how best to develop a meaningful value proposition that resonates with your target market. 

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A customer journey map to increase staff awareness of the customer experience and guide staff practice and behaviours


Designing organisations where people can be & deliver their best

We use a range of coaching, change management and human-centred design methodologies to help you design your business to maximise productive cross-silo working. We will help you to deliver better outcomes for your customers more efficiently by working more productively together.

Get in touch to find out more about our bespoke program, Bridging the Silos.

Who we are

Building the team that meets your needs

Think Human is driven by Melanie Lambert, an independent, collaborative consultant who will help you orientate every aspect of your organisation towards your customers, their needs and priorities. Melanie is a passionate and creative facilitator, strategist, coach and communicator who enjoys nothing more than putting these skills to use in building the capacity and capability of organisations that are committed to making a positive change.

To support her, Melanie draws in a range of aligned professionals and allies, tailoring the skill set to the specific project needs.